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Eric Bechtold

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I just wanted to drop you guys at iBuzzPro a quick THANK YOU! As you know I've only been marketing your product for a very short time but things are heating up quickly. I've been able to pull in a whopping $65,000 my first week and I'm just getting started. Keep up the great work over there and thank you for the great support!

Eric Bechtold

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Matthew Robertson


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Jerry Purchas

In twelve years as a successful Top Producer in Relationship marketing and another 18 in traditional business ownership, I know how costly, ineffective, and time consuming most traditional forms of attraction marketing can be.
I was inspired with the possibilities of what iBuzzPro could do for my business and its really proving itself for me. I have never found a more cost & time effective marketing method to get customers calling me instead of me chasing them. This is a absolute winner and the income you can earn just referring it is astronomical. Thanks iBuzzPro.

Jerry Purchase

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